"body OF Christ" (1Cor.12:27)
"churches OF Christ (Rom.16:16)
"called OF Jesus Christ (Rom.1:6)

"churches of Judea which were IN Christ" (Gal.1:22).  Since ALL spiritual blessings are IN Christ (Eph.1:3), Shouldn't we trust and obey Bible teaching on HOW one gets INTO Christ?
(Read Gal.3:27; Rom.6:4; 1Pet.3:21)


Meets at:  2801 Rodeo Drive - Greenville, Texas 75402

2 Timothy 1:11-12
A Christians Responsibility In VOTING - Part 1
A Christians Responsibility In VOTING - Part 2
A Profane Man Named Esau
Always Ready To Give An Answer
Anchored or Drifting?
Ask Your Preacher The Real Difference
Be Mindful Of Your Influence
Bible Authority - Part 1
Bible Authority - Part 2
Bible Authority - Part 3
Bible Authority - Part 4
Bound To Christ
Brotherly Kindness
Burdens of Life
Buy The Truth and Sell It Not
Caleb's Choice
Calling On The Name Of The Lord
Characteristics Of A Good Audience
Choosing A Mate - Part 1
Choosing A Mate - Part 2
Christ And The Church
Christ: The Ascension
Christ: The Baptism
Christ: The Birth
Christ: The Crucifixion
Christ: The Foundation
Christ: The Resurrection
Christ: The Temptation
Christ: The Transfiguration
Christmas - Part 1
Christmas - Part 2
Church Benevolence
Church Centralization And The Work Of The Church
Concern For Others
Does The Church Violate Scripture When It Conducts Bible Study?
Do's & Don'ts For Christians
Dying With The Philistines
Easter / Baptism
Faith That Endures
Forgiveness - Part 1
Forgiveness - Part 2
Four Events At Bethany
Fruit of the Spirit - Virtue
Fruit of the Spirit - Knowledge
Fruit of the Spirit - Charity
Hearer's Or Doer's - Part 1
Hearer's Or Doer's - Part 2
Heaven: Why I Want To Go There
His Poverty Made Us Rich
Homosexuality - Part 1
Homosexuality - Part 2
Homosexuality - Part 3
How Are Your Eyes? - Part 1
How Are Your Eyes? - Part 2
How To Live Right In Thy Youth
I Walk The Line
If I Were The Devil
Is It Necessary To Be A Member Of The New Testament Church To Go To Heaven?
Is The Eastern Star Another False Religion?
Jehovah's Witness - Part 1
Jehovah's Witness - Part 2
Jesus And The Law
Joseph The Dreamer
Lay By In Store
Lord, Who Shall Abide In Thy Tabernacle? (Part 1)
Lord, Who Shall Abide In Thy Tabernacle? (Part 2)
Lessons From The Postage Stamp
Look What You Made Me Do
Love God With All Thine Heart
Manna From Heaven
Mansions In My Fathers House
Marriage:  The Relationship God Intended - Part 1
Marriage:  The Relationship God Intended - Part 2
Masonry - Part 1
Masonry - Part 2
Obstacles On The Road To Hell
Our Baptist Friends
Praise God For His Goodness
Prayer - Part 1
Prayer - Part 2
Preach The Gospel and Leave Others Alone?
Premillenialsim - Part 1
Premillenialsim - Part 2
Presumptuous Sin
Prices We Pay
Public Confession
Qualifications Of Elders
Roles Of Women In The Church and Home - Part 1
Roles Of Women In The Church and Home - Part 2
Salvation - Part 1
Salvation - Part 2
satan the sifter
Self Denial
Seven Benefits Of Bible Study
Seventh Day Adventist - Part 1
Seventh Day Adventist - Part 2
Sin Unto Death
Standing On Holy Ground
Standing On The Promises Of God
Take Heed Lest Ye Fall
Take Heed What and How Ye Hear
Take It Easy
Teach The Word
Tell Us Plainly
That Neighbor Of Mine
The Amazing Grace Of Our Lord
The Apostles Doctrine
The Armor Of God
The Beatitudes
The Benefits Of A Small Church
The Bible Is The Book Given
The Chain Of Redemption That Connects Man With God
The Choice Of Moses
The Church at Ephesus
The Church At Laodicea
The Church at Pergamos
The Church At Philadelphia
The Church At Sardis
The Church at Smyrna
The Church at Thyatira - The Bad
The Church at Thyatira - The Good
The Church: Liberalism
The Church That Jesus Built - Part 1
The Church That Jesus Built - Part 2
The Conscience - Part 1
The Conscience - Part 2
The Consequences Of A Doctrine
The Conversion of Lydia
The End Of Another Year
The Essence Of Being A Christian
The Establishment Of The Kingdom
The Faith Of Abraham & Sarah
The Faithful Christian - Part 1
The Faithful Christian - Part 2
The Faithful Christian - Part 3
The Faithful Remnant
The Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit - Baptism
The Holy Spirit - Gifts
The Instrument Of Music In Worship
The Keys To A Successful Gospel Meeting
The Kingdom Of Heaven
The Lord's Supper
The Manifold Wisdom Of God - Part 1
The Manifold Wisdom Of God - Part 2
The Mission Of The Holy Spirit
The Mountain Of The Lord's House
The Need For A Redeemer
The One Cup Doctrine
The One Faith
The Parable Of The Tares
The Power Of The Scriptures
The Powerful Word Of The Living God
The Purpose Of The Church
The Righteousness Of The Scribes And The Pharisees
The Son Of Man
The Thief On The Cross
The True Tabernacle
The Valley Of Dry Bones
The Way Home
This Is He That Came By Water And Blood
Total Depravity - part 1
Total Depravity - part 2
Tree Of Life
Truth Prosperity
Twenty Points To Preaching Christ
Walking In Love, Light & Wisdom - Part 1
Walking In Love, Light & Wisdom - Part 2
Walking In Love, Light & Wisdom - Part 3
What God Expects Of Us
What Happens When You Die?
What Have They Seen In Thy House?
What Is A Christian?
What Is Hell Like?
What Lack I Yet?
What Shall I Do With Jesus?
What Will Not Be Found In Hell?
What's Your Attitude Toward Truth?
Who Is On The Lord's Side?
Why Are You A Member Of The Church Of Christ?
Why Be A Christian?
Why Do We Sin?
Why Should I Be Concerned About Sin?
Why The Bible Was Written
Why The Church Grew So Fast In The First Century
Words Of The Cross - Part 1
Words Of The Cross - Part 2
You Are The Answer To The Question
You Have To Meet Them Where They Are
Your Life Is A Sermon
Zealous Of Good Works