"body OF Christ" (1Cor.12:27)
"churches OF Christ (Rom.16:16)
"called OF Jesus Christ (Rom.1:6)

"churches of Judea which were IN Christ" (Gal.1:22).  Since ALL spiritual blessings are IN Christ (Eph.1:3), Shouldn't we trust and obey Bible teaching on HOW one gets INTO Christ?
(Read Gal.3:27; Rom.6:4; 1Pet.3:21)


Meets at:  2801 Rodeo Drive - Greenville, Texas 75402

On May 7, 2012, Richard Fox departed to be with Christ (Phil.1:23).   These recorded sermons and Bible lessons are posted online, so that future generations can learn (Phil.4:9) and continue to be spiritually feed (1Pet.5:2) and built up in the faith (Col.2:7), through hearing (Rom.10:17) the Word preached (2Tim.4:2-4).  After hearing Richard Fox preach the gospel, it will be abundantly clear that he preached with the attitude of being:

  • A DEBTOR to preach the gospel
  • READY to preach the gospel
  • never ever ashamed to preach the gospel
  • Because he understood, that the gospel is God's power to SAVE (Rom.1:14-16;  1Cor.15:1-4; James 1:21)
  • Richard Fox preached with the attitude that he was "ALLOWED of God, to be put in TRUST with the gospel" (1Thess.2:4)

A Cake Not Turned
A Living Sacrifice
A Prophet Like Unto Moses  (09-05-2004)
A Song of Praise
A Stumbling Stone and Rock of Offence
Added To The Church  (09-12-2005)
Agricultural Things and Farming
Almost Thou Persuadest Me To Be A Christian
An Appointed Day  (last sermon of Richard Fox 05-06-2012)
Anchored or Drifting?
And Sarah Said
Another Gospel: Which Is Not Another
Ants, Conies, Locusts and Spiders  (05-02-2004)
Apostles Doctrine
Aquila and Priscilla
Ascension and Return of the Son of Man
Before You Die
Beware Lest Any Man Spoil You
Bible Authority  (Meeting at Scurry, TX)
Bible Class: Comparison of Matthew 24 & Luke 17 - Part 1
Bible Class: Comparison of Matthew 24 & Luke 17 - Part 2
Bible Class:  Genesis Chapter 1
Bible Class:  Genesis Chapter 2
Bible Class:  Genesis Chapter 3
Bible Class:  Introduction to Ephesians  (Meeting at Scurry, TX)
Bible Class:  The Lost Book  (08-03-2008  -  Meeting at Lindale, TX)
Bible Message For The Young  (03-23-2003)
Biblical Ignorance
Burdens We Bear
By Grace - Part 1
By Grace - Part 2
Children of God: Joint Heirs With Christ
Concern for the Lost
Continuing Steadfastly
Counted As A Strange Thing
Cross Centered Religion
Daniel and the Lion's Den
Debtors to Preach
Deceptions of the devil - Part 1
Deceptions of the devil - Part 2
Does Human Life Have A Purpose?  (07-04-2004)
Doing the Will of the Father
Downfall of the Gentile Nation
Easter: No Authority in the Bible
Enemies of the Soul  (03-21-2005)
Errors of Calvinism - Part 1
Erros of Calvinism - Part 2
Esau's Tears
Faces About The Cross  (08-07-2008  -  Meeting at Lindale, TX)
Famine of the Word
Feast of Dedication
Fellowship  (08-22-2004)
Few There Be That Find It  (08-04-2008  -  Meeting at Lindale, TX)
Fisher's of Men
Freedom By Law
Friends of the World:  Enemies of God
From Chief of Sinners to Chief of Preachers
Fullness of Time  (04-16-2003)
Galatians 2:20
God Hath Made Me To Laugh  (03-20-2005)
God Hath Spoken
God is Able
God's Concern for the Lost  (07-27-2003)
God's Revelation:  From Faith to Faith
God's Scheme of Redemption
God's Ways & Thoughts:  Above Man's
Gone Away Backwards
Great Bible Chapters  (03-22-2005)
Great Bible Themes  (Meeting at Scurry, TX)
Great Bible Words  (03-20-2005)
Hate the Evil and Love the Good
Having Successful Gospel Meetings
High Cost of Low Living
Highlights of Hebrews
Hosea, Gomer and the Children of Infidelity
How Many Legs Does A Dog Have?
How We Oppose God  (02-23-2003)
Immodest Dress
Important Questions
In the Midst of a Crooked and Perverse Nation  (09-19-2004  -  includes thoughts on homosexuality and mental divorce)
In the Name of God, Amen
Jesus The Christ:  The Thing and Prophets
Judging Others
Let Us
Life In The Spirit  (08-03-2008  -  Meeting at Lindale, TX)
Lights In Darkness
Living Epistles - Part 1
Living Epistles - Part 2
Looking Back to the Cross
Looking on the Fields  (04-22-2001)
Love of Truth
Lot Pitched His Tent Toward Sodom
Major Lessons From the Minor Prophets  (08-08-2008  -  Meeting at Lindale, TX)
Man's Constant Search
Marriage & Divorce  (08-06-2008  -  Meeting at Lindale, TX)
Marriage Questions
Moses on Four Mountains
Mountain of the Lord's House
My Heart Is Fixed  (08-05-2008  -  Meeting at Lindale, TX)
Neglect of the Great Salvation
New Testament Review  (03-20-2005  -  Meeting at Union - Leesburg, TX)
One Body - Many Members - Varying Gifts or Abilities
Our Forerunner
Paul's Gospel  (02-02-2003)
Perfect Church  (11-17-2002)
Personal Evangelism  (06-21-2004)
Philippians 4:9
Powerful Word of the Living God
Preacher Training Class 1  (01-07-2003)
Preacher Training Class 2  (01-28-2003)
Preaching Christ
Principle's of the Gospel
Putting On The New Man
Reap What You Sow
Religious But Not Righteous
Risen With Christ
Rivers of Living Water
Romans Chapter 16
Romans Chapter 8
Salvation to the Uttermost
Six Things We Should Understand About the Judgement
Some Great Things of Acts Chapter 2  (07-25-2004)
Some Things About Baptism - Part 1
Some Things About Baptism - Part 2
Some Things About Baptism - Part 3
Some Things Simon Saw
Sounding Out the Word of the Lord
Standing For Sound Doctrine
Standing on the Lord's Side
Steps to Degradation
Striving Together for the Furtherance of the Gospel
Surprises At Judgement
Talking Plainly About The Bible  (03-11-2001)
The Adversary  (Richard Fox's last sermon at Hillside)
The Almost & Real Christians
The Calling
The Choice of Moses  (03-25-2001)
The Church That Jesus Built  (02-25-2001)
The Church:  The Bride of Christ
The Conversion of Saul of Tarsus
The Day God Will Judge
The Day of the Lord
The Desires of satan - Part 1
The Desires of satan - Part 2
The Essence of Being a Christian  (Meeting at Brownwood, TX)
The Essence of Christianity
The Eternal Salvation  (Meeting at Brownwood, TX)
The Extreme Cost of Low Living  (02-18-2001)
The Family:  Spiritual & Physical
The Genuine Religion of Christ
The gods Men Serve
The Goodness and Severity of God
The Gospel of Christ
The Gospel of Christ:  Romans 1:14-16
The Gospel Paul Preached
The Graces of Second Peter 1:5-11
The Great Falling Away
The Happy & Prosperous New You
The Key of David
The Impartial God
The Infallible Book
The Joy of Being a Christian  (06-14-2004)
The Kingdom of God - Part 1
The Kingdom of God - Part 2
The Last Will & Testament
The Life of a Christian
The Name of Jesus  (07-18-2004)
The New Birth
The New Covenant
The New Song  (01-27-2002)
The One True Church
The Pattern of Sound Words
The Preaching of Philip
The Purpose of Preaching  (08-03-2008  -  Meeting at Lindale, TX)
The Road to Emmaus
The Simplicity of God's Plan
The Sin unto Death  (04-20-2003)
The Supreme Importance of Truth  (Meeting at Scurry, TX)
The Tempter
The Time is Short
The Tongue
The True Way
The True Way (Matt.7:13-23)
The Two Covenants
The Valley of Decision
The Virtuous Mother
The Way Home
The Word of Truth
The Work of the Lord
The Yoke of Christ
There Is A God In Heaven - Part 1
There Is A God In Heaven - Part 2
They First Gave Their Own Selves
They Have Taken Away My Lord
They That Are Christ's
They That Are Lost  (04-08-2001)
They Went Backward and Not Forward
Things Not Seen
Things That Make A Difference  (Meeting at Scurry, TX)
Things Which Cannot Be Moved
Three Kinds of Righteousness
Three Portraits: Demas, Mark & Luke (2Tim.4:9-11)
To Love Life & See Good Days
Walking To Please God
Walking Uprightly
Wasted Lives
We Be Brethren
Weep With Jeremiah
What Advantages Do We Have  (02-09-2003)
What Doth the Lord Require of Thee?
What Happens When We Die?
When Man Makes Alike, What God Says Is Different
What Manner of Man is This?  (09-06-2003)
What Manner of Person?
What Shall I Do With Jesus?
What the Spirit Saith Unto the Churches
What Think Ye Of Christ? - A Study on the Deity of Christ - Part 1
What Think Ye Of Christ? - A Study on the Deity of Christ - Part 2
What Think Ye Of Christ? - A Study on the Deity of Christ - Part 3
What Think Ye Of Christ? - A Study on the Deity of Christ - Part 4
What Think Ye Of Christ? - A Study on the Deity of Christ - Part 5
What Think Ye Of Christ? - A Study on the Deity of Christ - Part 6
What Think Ye Of Christ? - A Study on the Deity of Christ - Part 7
What Think Ye Of Christ? - A Study on the Deity of Christ - Part 8
When You Become A Christian
What We Need To Know
Where Art Thou?  (01-26-2003)
Why Am I A Member Of The One True Church?  (Meeting at Scurry, TX)
Why Christians Fail
Why Elders and Deacons? - Part 1
Why Elders and Deacons? - Part 2
Why Elders and Deacons? - Part 3
Why Elders and Deacons? - Part 4
Why Jesus Came
Why The Church Of Christ Is Not A Denomination
Wiles of the devil
Your Life is a Sermon
Zeal According To Knowledge