"body OF Christ" (1Cor.12:27)
"churches OF Christ (Rom.16:16)
"called OF Jesus Christ (Rom.1:6)

"churches of Judea which were IN Christ" (Gal.1:22).  Since ALL spiritual blessings are IN Christ (Eph.1:3), Shouldn't we trust and obey Bible teaching on HOW one gets INTO Christ?
(Read Gal.3:27; Rom.6:4; 1Pet.3:21)


Meets at:  2801 Rodeo Drive - Greenville, Texas 75402

The apostle Paul admonished all christians to: 

  • "Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ" (1Cor.11:1)

So, we have Bible authority for one to follow a faithful christian, as they themselves follow after Christ.  Richard Fox is one of the finest gospel preachers of our modern time and what an example for one to follow in how to preach the gospel!   On May 7, 2012, Richard Fox departed to be with Christ (Phil.1:23).   It is our goal to eventually post all available sermons, presented by Richard Fox, so that future generations can learn (Phil.4:9) and continue to be spiritually feed (1Pet.5:2) and built up in the faith (Col.2:7), through hearing (Rom.10:17) the Word preached (2Tim.4:2-4).  After hearing Richard Fox preach the gospel, it will be abundantly clear that he preached with the attitude of being:

  • A DEBTOR to preach the gospel
  • READY to preach the gospel
  • never ever ashamed to preach the gospel
  • Because he understood more than most, that the gospel is God's power to SAVE (Rom.1:14-16;  1Cor.15:1-4; James 1:21)
  • Unlike many preachers today, Richard Fox preached with the attitude that he was "ALLOWED of God, to be put in TRUST with the gospel" (1Thess.2:4)
Richard's lessons while laboring among the saints at Greenville
Richard's lessons while laboring with saints at other locations