"body OF Christ" (1Cor.12:27)
"churches OF Christ (Rom.16:16)
"called OF Jesus Christ (Rom.1:6)

"churches of Judea which were IN Christ" (Gal.1:22).  Since ALL spiritual blessings are IN Christ (Eph.1:3), Shouldn't we trust and obey Bible teaching on HOW one gets INTO Christ?
(Read Gal.3:27; Rom.6:4; 1Pet.3:21)


Meets at:  2801 Rodeo Drive - Greenville, Texas 75402

An Appointed Day  -  Richard's Last Sermon  -  05-06-2012
Almost Thou Persudest Me To Be A Christian
Anchored or Drifting?
Beware Lest Any Man Spoil You
By Grace - Part I
By Grace - Part II
Debtors to Preach
Doing the Will of the Father
Enemies of the Soul
Esau's Tears
Famine of the Word
Friends of the World, Enemies of God
God Hath Spoken
God is Able
God's Revelation: From Faith to Faith
God's Ways & Thought's - Above Man's
Gone Away Backwards
Highlights of Hebrews
How Many Legs Does A Dog Have?
Important Questions
In the Name of God Amen
Looking Back to the Cross
Lot Pitched His Tent Toward Sodom
Man's Constant Search
Marriage Questions
Moses On Four Mountains
Neglect of the Great Salvation
Our Forerunner
Philippians 4:9
Powerful Word of the Living God
Preaching Christ
Principle's of the Gospel
Risen With Christ
Rivers of Living Water
Salvation to the Uttermost
Six Things We Should Understand About the Judgement
Some Things Simon Saw
Sounding Out the Word of the Lord
Standing on the Lord's Side
Steps to Degradation
Striving Together for the Furtherance of the Gospel
Surprises At Judgement
The Almost & Real Christians
The Calling
The Day God Will Judge
The Gospel Paul Preached
The Great Falling Away
The Impartial God
The Infallible Book
The Kingdom of God - Part I
The Kingdom of God - Part II
The Last Will & Testament
The Pattern of Sound Words
The Preaching of Philip
The Sin Unto Death
The Tempter
The True Way
The Word of Truth
The Yoke of Christ
They That Are Christ's
Things Not Seen
Things Which Cannot Be Moved
Walking To Please God
Wasted Lives
We Be Brethren
What Doth the Lord Require of Thee?
What Manner of Person?
When You Become A Christian
Why Christian's Fail
Why the Church of Christ is Not a Denomination
Wiles of the Devil
Your Life is a Sermon